Services and Projects


Company highly specialized in projects, developments and optimization of processes with state-of-the-art technology for companies related to the electricity sector.

We cover the entire spectrum of IT solutions such as cloud systems (AWS and Azure), mobility and the most current web creations, from a deep interest in the training and continuous learning of our staff.

We are also dedicated to the management of market offers, reporting at European level, sector data management, and invoice management websites.


Market operations

Generation of offers for operations in the different energy markets throughout Europe.
Management of interconnections.
Communications with the system operator and market operator.

24x7 on-call service

Support and management of incidents in market operations in real time.


Management of contracts for the sale of energy and production of plants.
Coverage and positioning.
Management of guarantees of origin.

Measurements and settlements

Capture of quotes and fundamental data in real time.
Creation of future price curves.
Management of contracts and settlements.


Connectivity with European Transmission Systems Operators and Distribution System Operators.
Connectivity with market platforms such as: Bloomberg, Trayport, EFETnet, JAO and the like.
Regulatory compliance: EMIR, MiFID, REMIT.


Integration with third-party tools such as: Nemon, SIGE, Audinfor.
Web clients.

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